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About BKitab.com

"Our Ancestors Used To Play With Snakes. We Play With Mouse. Our Youth Move the Mouse and Shake The World" - Narendra Damodardas Modi, 15th Prime Minister of India (Current Prime Minister)

Yes, we are the students of 21st Century. To rule over the world we need to use mouse (referring to computer & IT) and show the world that those days are gone when We (Indians) used to follow others now others will follow us.

When we talk about students we always talk about academics. Your academics now will be the roadmap of your future ahead. For this purpose we read in best schools and colleges too. We learn & teach so many things to others and at the end we become buddies, the same way Bkitab1 can be your all time roommate. It is often called that books are the best friend of ours (it is somewhat true) but friends have some unique quality. Let us compare these qualities with books.

  • You can take your friends everywhere and every time but cannot carry your academic books everywhere and every time! (Bkitab’s UG & PG notes)2
  • Your friend can do your class assignment but can a book do this? (Bkitab’s Class Assignment)3
  • Your friend can write a lengthy paper for you but can a book write a single paper and even a single word for you. (Bkitab’s Research Projects)4
  • Your friends can give you so many suggestions on single topic but can books give you any live suggestion? (Bkitab’s GD Topics)5
  • Your friends can stop you at your mistake but can book stop you? (Bkitab’s Interview tips)6
  • Your friends can give you chance to earn money but can a book give you this? (Bkitab’s highly innovative work culture)7

There are so many such properties a friend can possess but book cannot, one more and the most important question arises whenever we talk about friends and books….

  • Your friends can give you best advice & help according to situation but can a book do this. (Bkitab’s fully customize Services)8


Everywhere when we compared friends and books we have found Bkitab’s property that is very close to our best friend. Hence we can say bkitab can be our best friend, but we have to give it a chance.

Dear Students

  • Bkitab (bkitab.com) is an online portal that opens the door of your all problems related to your education.
  • Bkitab provides you prepared notes according to your university syllabus.2
  • Bkitab provides you prepared class assignment as well as other research related projects as per your demand.3,4
  • Bkitab gives you chance to earn money with your study by its innovative work culture.7
  • Bkitab provides you fully customize service as per individual choice. 6 8

Bkitab is the result of two good friend’s (Miss Divya Bajaj & Mr. Hemant Kishor Pal) effort and is the need of developing India, where everyone cannot pay for books every year and cannot afford a higher college or university education. Here, bkitab took an initiative to provide students free notes according to their university, course and syllabus and also provide fully customized service. Basically bkitab is focusing on management studies (MBA & BBA) and gives notes, last year question papers, multiple choice questions (MCQ) with answers (if required), class assignment and research paper, group discussions (Gd) with theory and different point of views, interview tips, for both classes and soon will serve other courses with all services..

Bkitab has a highly innovative culture for all students who want to join the journey of India’s leading educational websites. Bkitab gives the chance to every student to earn money as well as make his base strong at the same time by giving us self written notes of his/her pervious or earlier classes (but the content will be verified by our highly educated professors and our content writer and content checker team). If bkitab will find that the given content of any individual is correct and matches our standards and quality, bkitab will give it to public by individual name and other students will get benefited by that content. Like that way one can earn money and can get reward of his/her written quality. And if one will join us by giving us his/her notes we also promote him as our ‘special content writer’ so that he/she will get chance to earn more.

Bkitab is a startup and is passing through a new experience every day. Without students bkitab is nothing. Hence bkitab respects all the students and in favor of them bkitab serve 24*7.

Let’s make this journey remarkable by giving our support and respect.

Have a good day head.

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